Jubaili Agrotec Group About

We believe that
WHAT you stand for depends on
WHO you are standing with.

Since Jubaili Agrotec stands firmly alongside farmers, providing them with exclusive services and high-quality products to achieve growth and sustainability, our family stands for sustainable growth and bio-solutions in Africa. We take great pride in our relationship with our farmers and dealers, and we aspire to nurture this relationship and to gain the trust of others.


Jubaili Agrotec is continuously expanding in the African markets in order to build a brighter future for the agricultural sector. Much like our beloved farmers, Jubaili Agrotec planted its first seed in the heart of Africa. Our dedication to providing high-quality agricultural products and sustainable solutions has helped the company to grow its roots and cover 6 countries and 16 markets.


    Driven by our commitment to providing African farmers with both the necessary products and knowledge to grow, Jubaili Agrotec is on a mission to achieve a sustainable future for all. Forward-thinking, exceptional services, and advanced solutions are the core elements of our work. Over the years, Jubaili Agrotec has built an innovative, entrepreneurial environment that generates original ideas for agriculture, for it is the key to sustainable global growth.

    To increase our value as well as our portfolio of diversified brands in order to always be recognized as the FARMER’S FIRST CHOICE